Handrails are made to custom lenght.: 2 feet to 10 feet long are $ 100.00 plus shipping which is are minimum order
After 10 feet the cost is $ 10.00 per foot plus shipping.
Handrails are solid ornamental iron. Wall mount handles can be welded on or you can mount the handle with the self
tapping screws that we will supply. This way when you are working with a sheet rock wall the rail will be mounted into the wood studs in the wall. If you are installing on brick,stone or solid wood we will weld the handles on.
Email us with any questions at ewreenpa@aol.com
Window guards are custom made :sizes up to 36 inch high and 36 inch long are $100.00 plus shipping.
This is our minimum order .Example : a guard 24 in. high by 32 inch long will be $ 100.00 plus shipping

Larger window guard : 40 inch long by 60 inch high are $ 150.00 plus shipping .
All material are solid iron bars.We make custom sizes.
email all questions to ewreenpa@aol.com
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